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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some parents upset that Pledge of Allegiance being recited at elementary school. Here’s why.

On March 3, Peck Slip School Principal Maggie Siena sent out an email to parents announcing that the school was going to begin complying with the state law and broadcasting the pledge over its loudspeakers each morning starting March 7.
“As per New York State Education Law 8NYCRR section 108.5, we will be offering an opportunity for students at Peck Slip to say the Pledge of Allegiance in class,” Siena wrote.
“Children and adults may opt out of saying the Pledge,” she wrote, adding that “The Pledge of Allegiance has an interesting history, which will be a focus of study for our fifth graders in years to come.
“Children who know the Pledge and want to lead it will have the opportunity to do so over the loudspeaker,” the principal noted in the email, which also included the full text of the pledge for parents interested in teaching it to their children.

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