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Monday, April 03, 2017

US construction spending for February 0.8% vs. 1.0% estimate

Last month revised to -0.4% from -1.0%

US total construction spending came in at +0.8% vs 1.0%  estimate. However, the prior month was revised higher to -0.4% from -1.0% previously reported.

  • Residential construction rose by 1.8% from January 2017. Versus Feb 2016 it is up 6.2%.
  • Non residential construction was unchanged  from January 2017. The change from last year came in at +1.0%.
Total private construction rose by +0.8% for the month and +6.9% for the year with Private residential up 1.8% MoM (+6.4% YoY) and Non residential down -0.3% (+7.5% YoY).
 USD unimpressed

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