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Friday, June 30, 2017

Chief of Police and Majority of Police Department Resign After Mayor Attempts to Implement Quota System for Tickets – Slaughter, Louisiana

INVESTIGATIVE UNIT: Slaughter Police department in turmoil
Smith said almost everyone left following this conversation that was recorded by the Assistant Slaughter Police Chief.
“You need some extra money, go pick up three or four people,” Jackson was recorded saying. “You can write your own check. We get paid, and you get paid. You can’t say it ain’t fair.”
“The law precludes him from doing that,” Chief Smith said. “But, he was not up enough on the law to know that.”
Smith says in addition to telling his men to break the law, the micro-management was so bad it was hard for him to do his job.
INVESTIGATIVE UNIT: Slaughter Mayor caught on tape offering monetary rewards for warrants

Needless To Say, Slaughter’s Mayor Robert Jackson Ought To Resign Yesterday If Not Sooner
Unfortunately, the town of Slaughter, which is in East Feliciana Parish northeast of Baton Rouge, has a mayor who doesn’t give a fig about his constituents and certainly has no regard for state law. Bobby Jackson was caught on tape commanding the town’s police chief and his chief deputy to have his officers write 40 tickets apiece each month, which is about double what they currently write. Regardless of what it’ll take to write those tickets.
Thankfully, the chief deputy recorded the conversation and gave it to WBRZ-TV…
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