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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Open Season: Ordinary Czechs Get Right to Shoot Terrorists on Sight

Deputies in the Czech Republic voted overwhelmingly in favor of a constitutional amendment allowing ordinary citizens to carry arms and use them in case of a public emergency such as terrorism.
The Czech parliament has approved a constitutional amendment on security that allows ordinary citizens to take up arms against terrorists.
The new law states that Czech citizens have the right to acquire, keep and bear arms in order to ensure the security of the state.
It means that the approximately 360,000 licensed gun-owners in the Czech Republic are allowed to carry their weapons in public and use them in case of a public order emergency, such as terrorism.

Czech lawmakers have passed legislation in the lower parliament that would see the right to bear firearms enshrined in the country’s constitution in a move directed against tighter regulations from the European Union.
A Swiss poster said something in another thread about how they’re tightening their borders. They know the invasion’s past the point of no return and there’s gonna be war.

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