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Friday, June 30, 2017

What New “Metals Are Money” Law Means for You

In recent years, there have been organized efforts across the country to pass laws recognizing gold and silver as money. So far, there hasn’t been any success on the national level, but efforts at the state level have been more positive.
In fact, one state was recently able to get a legal tender law passed. This means gold and silver are now legal forms of money in this state. Let’s look at where this law passed and what it means for you and other precious metal owners.

And now, other states are also starting to make the move in this direction.

Texas Could Be Next…

Earlier this year, a new bill was introduced in Texas that is even broader than Arizona’s. According to the Tenth Amendment Center, the bill “declares specifically that certain gold and silver coins are legal tender, and prohibits any tax, charge, assessment, fee, or penalty on any exchange of Federal Reserve notes (dollars) for gold or silver. The bill authorizes the payment of taxes and fees in gold & silver in certain circumstances. It would also prohibit the seizure of gold or silver by state authorities.”

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