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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Common Core Opt-Out Movement Growing

When the opt-out movement first gained traction in 2014, it was initially dismissed by some educational policymakers as a movement primarily taken up by middle-class white families concerned that new standardized tests would reveal their children to be lower-achieving than once thought. Data from New York, for example, suggests that those opting out tended to come from more affluent areas and are more likely to be white.
However, data from Ohio have shown a much more inclusive movement, representative of the state population. Early evidence from 2016 suggests that the movement has been gaining momentum in communities of color – the Seattle chapter of the NAACP issued a statement in support of opting out, and principals in New York City have publicly voiced support for giving parents the right to opt out.

It was ridiculous from the get go and its even more ridiculous to this very day. This isn't teaching this is the DUMBING DOWN THE FUTURE OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY! and its on purpose. Why wait till November I wish this administration would pack up and leave today, and take all your mission soldiers  with you.

The day this administration leaves office every school teacher and administrator should be fired on the spot!

Call for gastric surgery to be standard diabetes treatment

People with diabetes should be offered gastric surgery as a standard treatment option which could help control it for years without medication, the world's leading diabetes groups said.
A joint statement from a 45-strong group said on Tuesday that bariatric, or metabolic, surgery could have a significant benefit for hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide, which they said represented one of the biggest shifts in diabetes treatment guidelines since the advent of insulin.
The new guidelines say surgery to reduce the stomach and induce weight loss should be recommended to treat all diabetes patients whose body mass index (BMI) is 40 or over, regardless of their blood glucose control, as well as those with a BMI of 30 and over whose blood sugar levels are not being controlled by lifestyle changes or medication.

This is the Liberal version of  " See we are fixing the problem " by killing you off. See Death panels do exist!

What REALLY happens when you give up sugar and alcohol for just one month (hint: you lose weight, cholesterol levels drop and blood pressure goes down)

'Increasingly, research is showing us that added sugars contribute to health problems and our ever-growing waistlines - but it isn't just sugar that is the bogeyman. 
'Sacha ditches all processed foods and in doing so he also ends up eating less saturated fat, less salt, fewer refined ingredients and fewer additives. 
'By replacing his old processed foods with wholesome, nutritious alternatives, he gives his body the fuels and nutrients that it needs to function at its best. 
'By following his example, many of us could achieve similar -  if not better - results. And as he has discovered, our tastes really are trained by our eating habits, so take heart: by sticking at it one day breaking that bad habit will get easier.'

This article is pretty much been my journey for the last two years. Sine then I went from what was most likely an unhealthy 189 pounds to a more healthier 166 pounds. And like  Sacha I to still crash once and a while, I guess its all part of the journey. The interesting part of this journey is when I run into people who have not seen me in months, their first reaction is always " Have you been sick " we as a society have accepted our overweight unhealthy appearance so we look upon a healthier appearance as being sickly, we have been well programed.

I cheat once and a while but have not touched a drop of  alcohol in an abundance form in a long time. Sure at times we go out for dinner and ill have one drink but nothing like I use to, and to be honest I have no desire either.

Ive had recent blood work done, and well strait from the doctors mouth and I quote " Bill you have the vitals of a fit 20 year old "  not bad for a soon to be 50 year old guy. But as I noted my energy levels still crash at times, and I don't feel its from a lack of food as I eat all day, I think its more of the type of food I eat therefore  less filling so I require more.
 I laugh when I see pictures of myself from 2 years ago, I was heavier than I thought, even though I work out daily, I was bloated and most likely a ticking time bomb on the inside.

Bottom line folks, get healthy, stay healthy and you stay out of the emergency room and out of Big Phama's prescription Med monopoly.

Miner Sees Silver Price Surging Ninefold as Global Gadgets Boom

“I would tend to disagree that silver is rarer than thought,” David Lennox, a resource analyst at Fat Prophets in Sydney. “Silver cannot be easily substituted but there’s been no need as it’s in abundance. I’d expect the search for silver would intensify and the search for substitutions would happen long before silver got to” $140 an ounce.

Atlanta Fed GDPNow forecast bumped to 2.9% from 2.5%

The tracking estimate has been slowly creeping higher. The latest bump comes from the rise in headline durable goods and yesterday's advance goods trader report.

 "The forecast for second-quarter real gross private domestic investment growth increased from -0.3 percent to 0.4 percent following this morning's durable manufacturing release from the U.S. Census Bureau. After yesterday's advance report on international trade in goods from the Census Bureau, the forecast for the contribution of net exports to second-quarter real GDP growth increased from -0.04 percentage points to 0.16 percentage points," the report said.

Donald Trump has clinched Republican nomination

The Associated Press is reporting that Donald Trump has reached the number of delegates, 1,237, needed to officially clinch the Republican nomination for president.

Wells Fargo to Offer Low-Down-Payment Mortgages Without FHA Backing

The move comes as most of the country’s main banks exit from any substantial role making loans guaranteed by the FHA. The agency insures mortgages made to buyers who would otherwise have a hard time getting loans, but it has been shunned by banks following a wave of lawsuits by the Justice Department that alleged poor underwriting.
Wells Fargo, which made $6.3 billion in FHA-backed loans last year, is the only mainstream bank in the FHA’s top 20 originators, according to trade publication Inside Mortgage Finance.
​The bank’s new mortgage allows borrowers​with credit scores​as low as 620 on a scale of 300 to 850​to make down payments of as little as 3%, while also allowing them to use income from family members or renters to qualify. The requirements don’t represent a significant expansion of mortgage access, but will allow Wells Fargo to make more loans to low- and middle-income borrowers without going through the​FHA.
The bank’s new program, which was launched through a partnership with mortgage-finance giant Fannie Mae, could replace about of half the bank’s current FHA volume and increase its market share, a person familiar with the matter said.

This Is How Much Your Health Insurance Payment Is About To Jump By

The insurers’ proposed rates for individual coverage in states that have made their 2017 requests public largely bear out health plans’ grim predictions about their challenges under the health-care overhaul.
According to the insurers’ filings with regulators, large plans in states including New York, Pennsylvania and Georgia are seeking to raise rates by 20% or more.
In states such as Florida and Maryland, insurers are seeking to raise premiums by percentage averages that are markedly above 10%. Among those that have published so far, only in Vermont do big insurers’ requests fall below 10%.
Proposals still have to be approved by state regulators, and a full picture of final approved rates across the entire country likely won’t be known until shortly before and state equivalents reopen for the law’s fourth main enrollment window on Nov. 1.
Nonetheless, the proposed average increases that are available are a vivid indicator this year of how insurers are adapting to the 2010 Affordable Care Act’s transformation of the way health coverage is priced and sold in the U.S.

Remember that scene in 'Cape Fear' where DeNiro's character laughs WAY too hard and WAY too long in the movie theatre?  Like that.

April 2016 US pending home sales 5.1% vs 0.6% exp m/m

  • Prior 1.4%
  • 2.9% vs 0.2% exp y/y. Prior 2.9%
     Wow, another big beat in housing. That's the highest since 2006. I'm looking for the skews now ;-)

David Stockman: We’re entering ‘payback’ time for low rates