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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Dark pools draw trade away from stock exchanges in September

Dark pools draw trade away from stock exchanges in September
| Reuters

Dark pools, the anonymous trading venues at the center of a series of investigations by U.S. authorities, continued to gain equity trading at the expense of public exchanges in Europe last month, Thomson Reuters data showed.
Dark order books, which permit shares to be bought and sold without publicly informing the market until the trade is completed, accounted for 6.9 percent of total European stock trading last month, up from 6.4 percent the month before and 5.7 percent a year earlier.

Factory orders fall 10.1% in August

Factory orders fall 10.1% in August - MarketWatch

Orders for goods produced in U.S. factories fell 10.1% in August, the U.S. Commerce Department said Thursday. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had expected orders to fall 9.7%. Factory orders grew 10.5% in July, unrevised from prior estimates. The volatility is mainly because of up-and-down demand for airplanes. Orders for durable goods -- products meant to last at least three years - fell a record 18.4% in August, down from prior estimate of an 18.2% drop. Orders for nondurable goods fell 0.4%. 

Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added To CIA Memorial Wall

Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added To CIA Memorial Wall

Startled employees of the Central Intelligence Agency discovered this morning that Lee Harvey Oswald had been quietly added to the memorial wall at CIA Headquarters. Oswald is widely believed to have assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy, or someone dressed like him, in Dallas in 1963.
The action does not appear to have been a prank. As of press time the extra star was still there, along with Oswald’s name listed in the memorial book, located between entries for fallen agents Felix Leiter and Charles Calthrop.
A spokesman from the CIA refused to comment or elaborate on why the agency has added Oswald’s name to the memorial, only saying that after 50 years several documents had been declassified, which have “finally allowed the Agency to set the record straight.”

The middle class is poorer today than it was in 1989

The middle class is poorer today than it was in 1989 - The Washington Post

It's been slow and steady, but the recovery has chugged along enough to get us back to something close to normal. The economy has surpassed its pre-crisis peak, unemployment is at a six-year low, and stocks have more than tripled from their 2009 low. It's not the best of times, but it's certainly not the worst -- which was a very real possibility after Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy threatened to send us into a second Great Depression.
President Obama and his fellow Democrats, naturally, would like to claim some of the credit for that. If voters credited them with this economic turnaround, Obama and his party might have a better chance of holding the Senate this fall, an outcome that looks precarious. Indeed, Obama will give a high-profile speech Thursday at Northwestern University, trying to remind voters of all the economic success he's had.

Mass default looms as world sinks beneath a sea of debt

 Mass default looms as world sinks beneath a sea of debt - Telegraph

The UK and US economies may be on the mend at last, but that’s not the pattern elsewhere. On a global level, growth is being steadily drowned under a rising tide of debt, threatening renewed financial crisis, a continued squeeze to living standards, and eventual mass default.
I exaggerate only a little in depicting this apocalyptic view of the future as the conclusion of the latest “Geneva Report”, an annual assessment informed by a top drawer conference of leading decision makers and economic thinkers of the big challenges facing the global economy.
Aptly titled “Deleveraging? What Deleveraging?”, the report points out that, far from paying down debt since the financial crisis of 2008/9, the world economy as a whole has in fact geared up even further. The raw numbers make explosive reading.
Contrary to widely held assumptions, the world has not yet begun to de-lever. In fact global debt-to-GDP – public and private non financial debt - is still growing, breaking new highs by the month.

Why hasn’t the U.S. closed its airports to travelers from Ebola-ravaged countries

 Now that a man in the United States has been diagnosed with Ebola, some are asking why we haven't stopped allowing people traveling from West Africa into our airports.
Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient currently being treated in the Dallas area, boarded a flight from Liberia on Sept. 19 and arrived in Texas on Sept. 20. United Airlines said Wednesday that it was told by the CDC that Duncan had used the airline to travel from Brussels to Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C., before flying from Dulles to Dallas-Fort Worth.
Authorities have said repeatedly that there is no danger of anyone getting sick from flying with Duncan because was not symptomatic at the time.

Initial U.S. jobless claims drop 8,000 to 287,000

The DOL reports:

In the week ending September 27, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 287,000, a decrease of 8,000 from the previous week's revised level. The previous week's level was revised up by 2,000 from 293,000 to 295,000. The 4-week moving average was 294,750, a decrease of 4,250 from the previous week's revised average. The previous week's average was revised up by 500 from 298,500 to 299,000.

There were no special factors impacting this week's initial claims.

Breaking News: Texas health officials say 80 people were in contact with Dallas ebola patient at some point: NBC

 Funny when Ebola was first discovered no one cared, now all of a sudden its all the rage. The Liberal Left loves this kind of fear, it enables them to implement more controls and loses of freedoms, and they use the Main Stream media as the outlet, IE : " Never let a good crises go to waste " this is Psychological terrorism folks and the Government is in on it full steam ahead.

 Reminds me off all the Gun fear, when the facts of the matter is Cops kill more people with guns daily then the average gun owner.

That being said  Mr. Duncan apparently was a local cargo driver just before he flew to the U.S, how many other people from  Ebola stricken countries  can afford an airline ticket to the U.S. and will be coming for free treatment?  And why is the Obama administration allowing this?

See above for the answer.

Here's the proof of the physiological terrorism I speak of

European Central Bank makes no changes to rates

European Central Bank makes no changes to rates - MarketWatch

 The European Central Bank on Thursday made no changes to interest rates, as expected, at its monthly policy meeting. The bank's main lending rate stands at 0.05%, while the interest rate paid on deposits parked overnight at the ECB was held at -0.2%. The interest rate on the ECB's marginal lending facility remains at 0.3%. Investors will focus on ECB President Mario Draghi's monthly news conference in Naples, Italy, scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m. local time, or 8:30 a.m. Eastern.

September 2014 US Challenger job cuts 30,477 vs 40,010 prior