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Thursday, September 21, 2017

WEEKEND: Fearing far-right surge, Merkel tells Germans to vote… Anti-Immigrant Party Upswing Threatens to Unsettle Politics

Fears in Germany that voter apathy could boost the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Sunday’s election have driven Chancellor Angela Merkel and her main rival in final days of the campaign to urge their backers to go out and vote.

With many voters viewing a fourth term for Merkel as almost inevitable and turned off by a turgid campaign – occasionally punctured by heckling and tomato hurling in protest at Merkel’s refugee policy – pollsters say turnout may be low.

A GMS poll on Thursday said those not planning to vote or were undecided numbered 34 percent, higher than the 29 percent who did not vote in the last election in 2013.

“My request to everyone is that they vote, and vote for those parties that adhere 100 percent to our constitution,” Merkel told MDR radio on Thursday, pointing to the AfD which has been likened by some commentators to Hitler’s Nazis.

Some of its members have called for Germans to rewrite the history books on Nazi era and the party has been dogged by rows over Holocaust denial, a crime in Germany.

Although polls show conservative Merkel, trusted by stability-loving Germans to stand up to unpredictable leaders in the United States, Russia and Turkey, is on track to win, the shape of her coalition is wide open.
Most pollsters say a low turnout could boost the AfD which has gained popularity by focusing on migration and security.

MSM says Trump’s selfish UN address angered the world, but go to int’l news sites comments and see the truth straight from the people! “America has a strong leader once more,” “a credible leader of the free world”, “Bless this man and his nation,” “Where is our Trump?”

There are like 3,400 comments so you have to go fishing a little bit, but sort by best and it’s a treasure trove

Average Obamacare Family Plan Costs $19,000 Annually—Double-Digit Increases Expected

Whatever your personal opinion on universal healthcare in theory, we should all be able to agree that Obama’s Affordable Care Act was a poorly-crafted piece of legislation.  Furthermore, it has failed to live up to its stated purpose of making health insurance affordable for even the poorest Americans.
For example, we have observed premiums for Obamacare plans double over the last four years in Maryland, with double-digit increases expected for most other states.  Not only do such increases defeat the Act’s purpose, but they also have a negative impact on America’s economy.
Data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, and published published in the Wall Street Journal shows that rising insurance premiums are a major disincentive for small businesses to hire new employees, and are costing many workers their benefits (and private coverage).
According to the report, the average annual cost of employer health coverage for a family plan was nearly $19,000—equivalent to the cost of a new vehicle every year.

Breaking our laws is now a “GREAT THING” says Dem hag Pelosi! – Because the “DREAMERS” are to replace American Voters!

Amazon is CENSORING all negative reviews of Hillary Clinton’s book, it currently receives an “F” rating from FakeSpot the company that analyzes Amazon reviews for fraud.

Kinda makes you say hmm? and what is Amazons motivation to do so.

Toys R Us Joins The Retail Armageddon (Big Box Closures, CMBX BB Hits All-time Low)

Kids have Gadgets today they don't play with  toys....sadly.

The Everything Bubble

Must Watch Michele Malkin Destroy The KRAZY LEFT Over Their KRAZY MISPLACED ANGER

Assange predicts Catalonia independence referendum could spark CIVILWAR in Spain/Police ordered to seize ballot boxes ahead of Catalonia vote

Assange predicts Catalonia independence referendum could spark CIVIL WAR in Spain
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange believes the upcoming Catalonia independence referendum will create “a new 7.5 million nation or civil war” as around one million pro-separatists marched through the streets of Barcelona in support of succession from Spain.
Spain just transported themselves back to the 1930’s.

Spain tries to BLOCK Catalan referendum: Madrid moves to control spending on ‘illegal act’
THE Spanish government has moved to control the public spending on essential services in Catalonia in a desperate bid to halt the upcoming independence referendum.

‘Those are the rules’ Meddling EU bosses try to HALT Catalan referendum with threats
MEDDLING European Union officials continue to bury their nose into domestic affairs as the Catalan government pushes forward with its plans for an independence referendum on leaving Spain.


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