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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Alexa a witness to murder? Prosecutors seek Amazon Echo data

Ahh yes technology, and many think AMAZON is not listening..well think again.

— Authorities investigating the death of an Arkansas man whose body was found in a hot tub want to expand the probe to include a new kind of evidence: any comments overheard by the suspect’s Amazon Echo smart speaker.
Amazon said it objects to “overbroad” requests as a matter of practice, but prosecutors insist their idea is rooted in a legal precedent that’s “as old as Methuselah.”

 The search warrant, signed by a judge in August, requests all “audio recordings, transcribed records, text records and other data” from Bates’ Echo speaker.

 Talk about self incrimination! Yes I too like Tech, but to think this is not recording you in anyway is sheepish. As with all technology it comes with risks.

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