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Thursday, December 22, 2016

November 2016 US durable goods orders -4.6% vs -4.7% exp m/m

  • Prior 4.6%. Revised to 4.8%
  • Ex-transport 0.5% vs 0.2% exp. Prior 0.8%. Revised to 0.9%
  • Ex-Def -6.6% vs -0.1% exp m/m. Prior 5.0%
  • Cap goods orders non-def ex-air 0.9% vs 0.3% exp m/m. Prior 0.2%
    Cap goods shipments non-def ex-air 0.2% v s0.1% exp m/m. Prior -0.1%. Revised to -0.3%
The headline number is pretty much in line with expectations and the cap goods number is the standout winner. That's a big fall in ex-def orders so that might be smoothing vs last month or some big ticket items falling out.

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