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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

THE HILL: Limbaugh: Obama will create ‘unrest’ every time Trump acts.

“Obama is going to call [NBC’s] Chuck Todd — take his pick — [CNN’s] John King, [CNN’s] Wolf Blitzer … and they will not be able to wait,” Limbaugh said on his Tuesday program. “They’ll give Obama as much time as he wants to rip into Trump and to warn the American people.
“He’s going to try to create all kinds of unrest and disunity and so forth.”
Obama has said that he would speak out after leaving office if he believes it is warranted.

 I’m pretty sure the new Attorney General could file about a dozen felony complaints against Obama the first day. If this clown is an attorney he better find some nice no extradition place to call home for four to eight years. His wife making school lunch menus is probably illegal too. Just looking into how she got compliance could lead to indictments. First lady is not a government position. She’s no way qualified to be a nutritionist and school boards are supposed to be independent local bodies.

Besides Obama has been exposed as the fake that he is, speak no one cares or will listen.

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