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Thursday, December 29, 2016

US Denies It Created ISIS, Accuses Turkey Of Spreading "Fake News"

"The United States government is not supporting DAESH. The [United States government] did not create or support DAESH in the past. Assertions the United States government is supporting DAESH are not true," the embassy wrote, using the Arabic-language acronym for ISIS. "The United States government has not provided weapons or explosives to the YPG or the PKK – period. We repeatedly have condemned PKK terrorist attacks and the group’s reprehensible violence in Turkey."
The statement then went on to try to smooth out the wrinkled diplomatic ties with Turkey, saying "as we have throughout the campaign against ISIL, we continue to work closely with our counterparts in the Turkish government to determine how we can increase our efforts to defeat ISIL and eliminate this scourge that threatens both our peoples. This includes ongoing discussions about how we can best support Syrian opposition and Turkish forces engaging ISIL around al Bab."

The Internet never forgets...Trust us Obama we know who the real fake is.  When you see MSM or government saying that something is "Fake news", you know it is in fact "Real news".

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