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Thursday, December 29, 2016

White House nears announcement on how it will punish Russia for election cyberattacks

The Obama administration was apparently trying to work out exactly how consequences for Russia could be carried out, according to The Post, which said the language in Obama’s 2015 executive order that gave him authority to respond to foreign cyberattacks “did not cover efforts to influence the electoral system.”

This bullshit Russian interference story is meant to discredit Donald Trump's election victory.
It's already out that it was a disgruntled Bernie Sanders DNC insider that "leaked" the emails to Julian Assange and Wikileaks and NOT Russian hacking. Maybe Seth Rich? The Obama Administration is ignoring this and continuing with its idiotic "Russia did it" theme which is "fake news". Donald is right, not one shred of evidence.

Then you have these two old  idiotic warmongering senators, John McCain and that loser Lindsay Graham rattling the cages of the Estonians about a looming threat from Russia. These two old Geritol drinking jerks would love to get a nuclear World War 3 going. What the  do they care? What are they 70, 80 years old?

Screw them. What kind of  people would vote and put these two idiots back into office?
Donald Trump won!  All the sour grapes and hurt feelings won't put Hillary into office.

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