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Friday, January 06, 2017

The pencils have been sharpened for the first NFP forecasts of 2017 - What's the trade for today?

Here's a run down of the numbers;
  • NFP expected in at 178k Reuters, 175k BBG
  • BBG hi est 221k
  • BBG Lo 125k
  • Nov 178k
  • Average hourly earnings 0.3% exp vs -0.1% prior m/m
  • 2.8% exp vs 2.5% prior y/y (that's a pretty high expectation)
The top 5 NFP callers are thus;
  1. Jim O'Sullivan - High Frequency Econ -  155k
  2. Ryan Sweet - Moody's - 180k
  3. P de Bruin/M Cabezas ABN Amro - 185k
  4. Stephan Buu CTI Capital - 162k
  5. Robert Dyer - Comerica - 163k

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