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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Power of the SunCell

Fascinating technology ...

For more than 20 years, Harvard Medical School graduate Dr. Randell Mills has been exploring the latent energy of the hydrogen atom to serve as a primary energy source. His company, Cranbury-based Brilliant Light Power (BrLP), has “discovered a new power source” by continuously generating over a million watts of power from the conversion of water fuel to a new form of hydrogen.
“Our goal is to create a series of devices on a 100kW to 200kW scale, go completely off the power grid and be autonomous of other fuels, while mitigating any interruption of services, in order to provide cheap power with no pollution,” Mills says. “It took an enormous amount of work, $100 million and two decades, but we have found something that can replace fire, coal, gas, oil, nuclear, solar, wind, bio fuels and more.”

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