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Monday, January 09, 2017

Trump will have opportunity to construct new multipolar system”.

Austria’s minister of foreign affairs, Sebastian Kurz, has called for easing sanctions on Russia and a move away from the use of such punitive measures.
In his interview with Der Spiegel, he said: “We need to build trust in Europe again and move away from a system of punishment to a system of incentive.”
Meanwhile, similar comments have been heard in Italy. The country’s previous administration headed by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had already been trying to block the automatic extension of sanctions.
RT: Might Italy be able to influence the rest of the group’s members to change their attitudes towards Russia?
Tiberio Graziani: I don’t think that Italy will influence the rest of the G7 members. At this stage, Italy is too much [weaker] in the comparison to the other G7 members – especially if we compare Italy to Germany and to the USA. Anyway, Italy can, and I hope so, pose the question how to improve the relations among the G7 member countries in view of finding a more balanced relation in order to overcome the following global crises: the economic one, the Syria war, and finally the war on terrorism.

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