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Friday, February 10, 2017

Man Prescribed Unnecessary Antidepressants for 20 years

After several very successful but stressful years in the financial world, the Viscount decided to resign and simplify his life somewhat. He also made the decision to wean himself off the Seroxat. He immediately went into serious withdrawal. His mind started racing with strange thoughts; he experienced extreme feelings of panic; he overreacted to even minor issues; and he started experiencing problems with his memory. Of course, the doctors had the solution: He was prescribed four new drugs, including a very strong benzodiazepine called clonazepam. His symptoms improved and he felt lucky to have found just the right combination of drugs, but looking back, he realizes that like any addict, he only felt better because he was getting a “fix.” Some years later, he returned to the U.K. after:

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