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Friday, March 31, 2017

Are you listening, Mr. Trump?

I wish to say this as clearly as possible. The allegations of Russia “hacking,” subverting, or otherwise influencing the US elections are total fabrications. The intelligence hearings that just took place are a national disgrace. This is the Deep State pissing on our shoes and saying it’s raining to extent that we haven’t seen before. It’s very ominous in its implications.
They are doubling down on the lie of Russian hacking by already applying the frontlash to the inevitable reaction. They are now saying that one of Russia’s ostensible goals is to undermine our faith in the US government and our trust in its officials and institutions. You see, if you balk at what the Deep State is doing, if you doubt the inerrancy of its proclamations, if you do anything other than love Big Brother, then you are already part of the problem.
A state that resorts to such tactics has lost all credibility. These pathetic attempts to gaslight us into hating Russia and embracing the Cathedral are emblematic of a weak and feckless tyranny. It shows to what extent our elites have become a congeries of impotent lunatics, careerists, catamites, bluestockings, and effeminate Farquaads.
The Russian hacking meme bears the impress and style of Bill Clinton. It is the typically Clintonian method of destroying one’s enemies by making up absolutely scurrilous charges and then meming them into existence through unrelenting repetition and escalation. This is why Hillary Clinton did not make a concession speech on election night. Bill took over DNC operations and began wargaming how they were going to destroy Trump, motivated by the very real fear that he was about to send them all to prison. When Hillary finally appeared the next morning, she was already attributing her electoral misfortunes to a “coordinated cyber attack.” They have been deepening and ramifying this fallacious charge ever since that day.
Anyone who has the ear of President Trump and who may be able to influence him needs to impart this one all-important fact. He cannot Make America Great Again if he cannot first save himself, and to save himself he needs to destroy the Left. He needs to imprison Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, and James Comey for their treasonous acts. He needs to depose and silence these activist judges. He needs to completely shut down and dissolve large swaths of the the federal bureaucracy. He needs to “Lock her up!”
This is his real mandate. If he does these things he will have the support of a surprisingly large number of Americans and his success will build on itself. If he fails to do this the Left will not fail to destroy him. Only one can survive this confrontation.
A re you listening, Mr. Trump?

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