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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Democrats Are the Birthers Now

This would be really funny, if it wasn’t so ridiculous and hypocritical. For eight long years Democrats called anyone on the right who questioned Obama’s birth or background a terrible name, “Birther.”
I’ve never been a “birther” in my life. Not for even one minute. During Obama’s eight years in office, I made over 10,000 media appearances and I never brought up Obama’s birth once, nor ever made the case that he wasn’t born in America. 
Yet liberal journalists and TV hosts falsely labeled me a “birther” anyway. Any conservative who questioned any aspect of Obama’s agenda was labeled and libeled as a (gasp) “birther.”
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Guess who the birthers are now? Liberal Democrats.
The unhinged looney left is questioning everything about Trump’s past, present and future- no matter how bizarre, inconsequential or just plain stupid.
First, liberals should be labeled as “TAXERS.”

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