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Friday, March 24, 2017

The US economy is at a pretty good place right now says Fed's Dudley

  • We're pretty close to both of the Fed's objectives
  • We may have an inflation problem if you push unemployment much lower
Maybe my thoughts on the speed of these hikes holds some water? I doubt the Fed will risk jobs growth just to fight inflation.
  • The economy can absorb the current rate path
  • Economy will be able to adjust just fine
  • Rate rise we've had in place is extraordinarily gradual
  • Fed wants to make policy a little less accommodative
  • We are seeking a soft landing by moving rates a little bit
  • 10 year yields are pretty low
  • Expects fixed income investing to be less attractive going forward since rates are rising
  • The general expectation is for longer-term market rates to rise as the Fed tightens
  • There's been a bond bull market since 1982
Now he's a bond trader.    

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