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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ben Carson Stuns Liberals With MASSIVE Welfare Announcement

Defiant America reports:
Ben Carson just stunned every liberal left in America – there aren’t many – with a huge welfare announcement. Ben is Secretary of HUD and is tasked with making that huge bureaucracy and welfare system actually start working for the people.

It is a herculean task that so far no one has been able to accomplish. Maybe because only liberals have tried.
Liberals think the bigger the bureaucracy the better. Despite all data to the contrary.
Ben Carson has a different take on HUD and the liberals are furious because these huge government welfare programs are a cash cow to certain liberal groups. And they supply voters through patronage jobs.

It is a vicious cycle that no one has had the courage to upend, despite the obvious failures at HUD and the systemic corruption.

Not anymore. Ben Carson just announced a huge shift in priorities for HUD. One that may fix the welfare system in America once and for all.

According to Politico, high on Carson’s list of priorities is bringing new life to a program known as Section 3, which creates local jobs when agency money is spent on a project.

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