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Friday, April 28, 2017

Obama Lied, People Died: Mortality Rate INCREASES Under ObamaCare

Democrats really are the party of death between abortion, euthanasia, and Obamacare.
Dailywire reports:

In all fairness, we do not know for sure if ObamaCare is the direct cause of this spike in premature deaths. What we do know is that the promise of fewer deaths was just another hoax on a massive pile of hoaxes. And I also think it is time to point and laugh in the faces of those who claim thousands will die if ObamaCare is repealed.
Nevertheless, this is not an insignificant correlation. So let’s examine why it is at least reasonable to blame ObamaCare for a spike in premature deaths.

1. Millions lost their doctor.  The relationship between doctor and patient can be as sacred as the relationship between priest and parishioner. Having to start over, having to tell a stranger all about your health problems (which can sometimes be embarrassing), having to get naked in front of this stranger; this can be a traumatic thing. To avoid going through this, some people might have held off too long to receive medical care.

2. Outrageous deductibles. As I have written about in the past, under ObamaCare, you don’t really have insurance. Deductibles (what you pay annually out of pocket before insurance kicks in) under ObamaCare are outrageous. The last time I looked, a policy only for myself cost $400 a month, but the deductible was over $5,000!

In other words, in order to benefit from this government-scam, between the deductible and the cost of the insurance, I would have to pay almost $10,000 a year out of my own pocket. These towering deductibles are the perfect way to keep people from getting medical attention until it’s too late.

3. Increased costs. Costs of everything related to healthcare jumped last year in a way we have not seen in 32 years. This cost increase did not affect only health insurance premiums. It also includes doctor appointments, medicine, tests, services, etc. If you have a massive deductible and your out-of-pocket costs are climbing 12% to 15% per year, that is another disincentive to seek medical care.

4. No change in emergency room visits. Yet another lie told by Obama and his media was that ObamaCare would decrease emergency room visits. Nope. We were assured and reassured that insuring the uninsured would make them stop over-burdening emergency rooms for things like the flu or a cough. Nope. We were assured and reassured that insuring the uninsured would save lives because people wouldn’t wait until they were so sick they had no other choice but seek emergency care. Nope.
5. Fewer doctors and hospitals available to ObamaCare recipients. One of the many disasters of ObamaCare is that your closest and most convenient provider might not be in your network. In rural areas, this could mean drives of an hour or more, this could mean the difference between seeing your doctor during your lunch hour or having to take the entire day off of work.
6. Some ObamaCare plans offer no in-network doctors that specialize in crucial services. As more and more insurance companies flee the failing exchanges, some ObamaCare recipients are facing the impossible choice of paying every dollar for care, or taking a gamble:
A study published in JAMA of 135 health insurance plans in 34 state marketplaces that were available during the 2015 open enrollment period found that one in seven plans didn’t provide access to in-network doctors for at least one medical specialty, with endocrinology, rheumatology and psychiatry being the most commonly excluded specialties.
On the hospital side, an Associated Press survey last year found that many plans sold on the exchanges exclude large cancer centers from their provider networks, and a survey by Avalere earlier this year found that a quarter of cancer centers still report they are excluded from the networks offered by most of their state’s exchange.
7. Thanks to sky-high premiums and towering deductibles, people now have LESS money to pay for health care. Prior to ObamaCare making these plans illegal, I used to pay $140 a month for a catastrophic policy that had a $7,000 deductible. Meaning, I paid out-of-pocket for all my health costs until I reached $7,000; then the insurance kicked in. That way if I was in a car accident or hit with a cancer, I would not go bankrupt. For me, it was the perfect set-up.

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