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Monday, April 10, 2017

This story is bigger than the Clinton email server and there is virtually no coverage.

Congressional list that paid the Awan brothers for IT services

This list needs to be tweeted, emailed, and posted wherever the representatives on the Hill, the press, and more motivated people will see it. We must expand Webb’s campaign of getting this information in front of people who will ask hard questions of these people. This has to replace hillary’s email server as the top headline.
This story will damage the establishment. Both sides will have to answer for the incompetent investigation and the cover up protecting the representatives who paid the Awan brothers. Collusion between the establishment Republicans and Democrats is the only thing keeping this story off the front page. It isn’t like this story is some unverified conspiracy theory. They needed D.C. Police to do some sort of investigation to look like they were doing something, and it isn’t like a break in to 20 offices on Capitol Hill was no big deal. This story could start the landslide to expose so much more and shake the pillars of power if it can get traction.

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