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Friday, April 28, 2017

US Q1 annualized GDP flash qq 0.7 % vs 1.0% exp

  • 2.1% prev
  • GDP price index  2.3% vs 2.0% exp vs 2.1% prev
  • core PCE qq   2.0% vs 2.1% vs 1.3% prev
  • employment cost index 0.8% vs 0.6% exp vs 0.5% prev
  • personal consumption 0.3% vs 0.9% exp vs 3.5% prev
Weakest Q1 growth in 3 years with consumer spending down.
Higher labour costs and core PCE perhaps providing some hope for the future though
A soggy GDP report and will disappoint a few USD bulls and Fed hawks but not apparently for the moment as focus remains on inflation.

Funny how when Obama was in office it was all coming up Roses....I know Liberals Obama is not president any more..Yet you Cucks still blame Reagan but that's ok...

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