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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

America’s Economic Collapse Mirrors Great Britain’s In The 19th Century: High Capital Outflows, Low Domestic Reinvestment, & Growing Import Dependency

I don’t—but I have a good guess.  I think it’s because:
  1. Most people don’t know history.  They don’t teach it in schools, and when they do, they teach it wrong—even university history classes are mostly just political propaganda taught by partisan hacks.
  2. We’re arrogant.  We think we’re exceptional.  We think we’re smarter and more knowledgeable than our forefathers, and therefore history’s lessons don’t apply to us.  For example, every communist dictator looked at the last guy and said “he did it wrong, I won’t”—and then he does it wrong.  Again.
It boils down to ignorance and arrogance.
With that in mind, let’s learn some history and stop thinking we know better: let’s actually apply its lessons.
Specifically, let’s look at America’s economic collapse.
We’ve been here before: America’s decline mirrors that of Great Britain’s during the late Victorian Era, both in its outcome, and its causes.

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