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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Auto sales updates

Fiat Chrysler and another big miss of -7.0% vs -5.9% exp.

Nissan out too, -1.5% vs +1.5% exp.

Toyota April 2017 US car sales -4.4% vs -4.2% exp

GM out now too with a big drop of -5.8% vs -2.0% exp.   

Ford vehicle sales -7.1% vs -4.7% exp in April

Light vehicles from Ford upon the wires, the first of many to come.
An FYI for the main numbers later;
  • Total US sales are expected at 4.70m vs 4.59m in March
  • Domestic car sales 17.20m exp vs 16.62m prior
  • Domestic truck sales 8.60m exp vs 8.65m prior

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