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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Comey admits the FBI was never given direct access to DMC Servers. A private company HIRED by the DNC reported its “findings” to the FBI. RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE!

DNC hacked in August 2015
*DNC refused to let FBI look at servers
*DNC hired company 10 MONTHS later
*That company blames Russia#SethRich
— Rep. Steven Smith (@RepStevenSmith) May 16, 2017
Crowdstrike, who Claimed the “Evidence” that Putin hacked election ABANDONS the Claims – and REFUSES to co-operate with Congress
  • Claims of Russian interference in the presidential election through hacking Democratic emails have been long-running scandal
  • First link between hacking and Vladimir Putin was made by CrowdStrike, Irvine, CA, based firm hired by the Democratic National Committee
  • It concluded in June 2016 Moscow spies had hacked DNC – before embarrassing emails were published – setting off Russian election scandal
  • Cybersecurity firm examined DNC’s servers, something FBI was not allowed to do, and its conclusion has been repeated by the intelligence community
  • reveals it has had to abandon key claims in another report on hacking by same Russians it blamed for DNC attack
  • It used unproven claims by a pro-Putin blogger to wrongly conclude Russian hackers had helped to virtually wipe out Ukrainian artillery
  • CrowdStrike is also refusing to testify in public to the House Intelligence Committee on what it knows and declined to speak to
    Crowdstrike, who claimed evidence Putin hacked election ABANDON claims – and refuse to co-operate with Congress

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