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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Governor, Attorney General to Modernize Wiretapping Rules Gov. Charlie Baker and Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey are joining forces in a bid to modernize the state's nearly half-century-old wiretapping law to better reflect, in their view, the current criminal and technological landscape.
The bill, which also has the backing of district attorneys and other Massachusetts law enforcement officers, was unveiled at a Statehouse news conference Tuesday. By making what backers called "modest adjustments" to the 1968 statute, police and prosecutors will be in a stronger position to solve violent crimes, such as gang-related killings and rape.

"Our priority is to keep our communities safe, and this bill is aimed at modernizing state law to give law enforcement more tools to investigate and prosecute some of the most heinous crimes, such as murder and human trafficking," Baker said in a statement. "As several state judges have noted, overhauling this law to address 21st century technology will help law enforcement better protect the people of Massachusetts."
Healey noted that updating the state's wiretapping rules has been a priority of her office, and of her predecessor, former Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley. But previous bills have met at best lukewarm support on Beacon Hill, in part due to privacy concerns raised by opponents of similar legislation filed in the past.

 Cause MASS ya know,  has so many gang related murders?!!! GMAFB

 Please pick one of the following phrases:

it's for the children
it's for your own good
if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear
we don't care about the constitution or about you
all of the above

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