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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Here is what demoncrat controlled Dallas has done to its citizens

On top of the Pension Fund that was stolen, there is this new theft..

Big Buses, Bigger Problems: The DCS Land Deal

As Dallas County Schools began to sink into financial trouble, NBC 5 Investigates has learned the agency sold taxpayer-owned land to get fast cash.

But in return, that land deal has obligated taxpayers to cover a huge long-term price tag.

 Over the last six months, NBC 5 Investigates has uncovered serious safety lapses and misuse of taxpayer money inside the agency. Our reporting has revealed a dramatic increase in school bus crashes, millions spent to settle school bus accident claims, and a scandal involving taxpayer money used to pay traffic tickets for hundreds of bus drivers who ran red lights. DCS is now $42 million behind budget and millions more in debt. Some state lawmakers are now calling for the agency to be abolished.

 Well on top of all this new stuff, they sold tax payer owned land and pocketed the money then turned around and leased it back at tax payer expense.. Dallas, Texas WILL be a detroit or chicago soon if a conservative is not voted in quickly

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