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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nigel Farage promises to ‘pick up a rifle’ if the Government U-Turns on Brexit

Ngel Farage has issued a Brexit war-cry as he warned the Government he is prepared to “pick up a rifle and head to the front lines” if it does not deliver a good divorce from the European Union. He said if a proper Brexit deal was not delivered, “there will be widespread public anger in this country on a scale and in a way we have never seen before”.

He added: “If that happens, much as I’m enjoying myself… I enjoy my trips to the States with Trump and the White House and everything else. I’m enjoying my life. But if they don’t deliver this Brexit that I spent 25 years of my life working for, then I will be forced to don khaki, pick up a rifle and head for the front lines.”
Mr Farage’s comments were filmed by Jason Hunt who shared the video on Facebook. Mr Hunt commented: “That’s as close to threatening anarchy and incitement to riot that I think I’ve ever heard.”

And yesterday:
‘You may have crushed Greece, you ain’t gonna do it to us!’ Farage savages EU in epic rant

 Lol. This is why he quit UKIP, so he could tell it like it is. I bet some of the Eurocrats, like Juncker, would like to put a bullet in him.

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