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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Russia ‘can launch tsunami against US with nuclear bombs buried in ocean.’

I would like to know how Russia could do this undetected. However, it was just reported that our Navy has been monitoring the West Coast 24/7 looking for a submarine.

However, in this scenario, we are speaking about the East coast. This is quite frightening.

Tsunami Bomb Against the USA, Is it Plausible??

The state Russian news network ‘accidentally’ released information on ‘tsunami bomb’ that the Russians have that could devastate the east coast of the United States. The statistics the Russians give about their ‘tsunami bomb’ are ludicrous. The Russian news media stated that the ‘tsunami bomb’ would consist of a 100 mega-ton warhead, produce a 1650 high tsunami wave and travel 900 miles inland in the United States. This numbers are ridiculous and false, but still the concept and viability of a tsunami bomb is valid and practical. It would only take a tsunami that was the size that hit Japan to do devastating damage in the New York/New Jersey shoreline industries. Such a tsunami bomb would be impossible to defend against and also be very difficult to determine who originated the tsunami bomb. A tsunami bomb is a credible threat. A tsunami bomb could be planted on the ocean floor many years in advance of it’s detonation, making the ‘tsunami bomb’ untraceable. So in reality the ‘tsunami bomb’ does have the potential to be a real threat and could be deployed by a much weaken nuclear power than Russia, such as North Korea. A ‘tsunami bomb’ doesn’t have to have anywhere near the capabilities the Russians claim to be highly effective as a terrorist weapon. If a ‘tsunami bomb’ were to be deployed against the coast line of NYC and industrial northern New Jersey, the effect on the GDP of the United States would be devastating and have economic effects for decades to come


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