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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Comey testimony points

  • It confused me when he said my firing provided great relief
  • Trump's explanation about election didn't make sense
  • The administration choose to defame me and the FBI. Those were lies
  • The FBI is honest, the FBI is strong, the FBI is independent
  • Thanks former colleagues
  • I have no doubt the Russian government tried to intervene in election
  • Says he's confident that no votes were altered in 2016 election
  • Trump didn't ask him to stop Russia election probe, nor did any other official
  • Flynn was in legal jeopardy, there was an open investigation
  • It's not for me to say whether Trump was trying to obstruct, thought it was very disturbing
  • Declines to say whether claims about Trump in the Russian hooker dossier are true
  • Reveals Flynn was/is under criminal investigation
  • Became aware of Russia cyber intrusion in late Summer 2015
  • Decisions around Clinton email probe were influenced in part by AG Lynch tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton
"The administration then chose to defame me, and more importantly, the FBI ... those were lies, plain and simple."
As rumored, he stopped short of saying Trump was trying to obstruct justice but he also didn't say he didn't view it that way. Basically, he punted and left it to others.

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