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Monday, June 19, 2017

How Democrats Incite Political Assassinations

This is part of my #bloodontheirhands series of articles.
Political assassinations have proven to be of great benefit to the party that calls for them. In the American scenario not only do the Democrats have a chance to replace any slain Republicans in special elections they also delay any votes and derail the agenda of the opposition. Rand Paul was already confirmed to be in the practice area when the attempted assassination happened. If the Democrat assassin were successful the Republican majority would have dropped to 51-49 making everything that much harder to pass. Details are scarce about who else was there but if by chance two more senators were then the Democrats would have made the Republicans lose their majority pending special elections. Best of all some statements of sympathy afterwards absolves you of all blame.
Now that Democrats have brought political assassinations into American politics it is important for us to understand how they use dog whistles to tell their followers that it is perfectly fine to kill Republicans.

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