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Friday, June 02, 2017

The Masochist Ctrl-Left

The best example of this attitude is the “you did not build that” speech by President Obama. He was telling business owners that they were not entitled to the fruits of their labor because they are not responsible for its success. This is evident in colleges as well. If you succeed as a white male then you have either white or male privilege. If you succeed as a white female then you have white privilege. If you succeed as an asian then it is because you are asian. If you succeed as a minority female then it is because of your community. It is never because of you or your efforts. The situation is different when the person next to you succeeds. When that happens it is purely due to his efforts and he is lauded for overcoming adversity or some other reason the left can think of. In fact the more you succeed because of your privilege then the greater your guilt because you have gotten things that you did not earn.

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