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Friday, June 02, 2017

US Jobs Market: Much Worse Than Official Data Suggests

“The US jobs market has been described as the backbone of the recovery – 82 months of continuous jobs growth with unemployment hitting 4.5% – the lowest since 2007. However, the perceived strength in jobs creation is at odds with other economic indicators. President Trump ran on a campaign that repeatedly touted “jobs, jobs, jobs.” His emphasis on jobs creation and bringing employment back to America struck a chord with voters. Trump’s election in itself contradicts the popular narrative that the US jobs market is tight and robust. Wages, disposable income, and real earnings growth along with low productivity and overall slow economic growth all challenge the BLS’s jobs numbers and thus Wall Street’s perception that the jobs market is tight.
Since the monthly jobs report is eagerly awaited as the most important piece of economic data for financial markets, it warrants a deep dive in order to understand what is going on under the hood. Before we delve into the data, here are some highlights of our findings.

Of course when the so called Progressive scum were holding the staff, all was well and coming up roses...So they said.

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