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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekend Report- Plunger’s Strategy Session

As I have mentioned Rambus has been very gracious in giving me free reign in what I write. You must realize I am a little more speculative than Rambus tends to be. I tend to get out a little more in front of my skis than Rambus. This means of course, I have more of a chance to be wrong. I would call myself a macro/technical trader, whereas I would consider Rambus more of a breakout trader. He often takes positions when the market gives a direct signal using the market’s price action as his trigger. Rambus’ method is likely more reliable, than mine however I tend to be more asymmetric, hunting for the big score. Peter Brandt, the legendary wildly successful trader is an example of a breakout trader.
Although, I have some slightly differing views on some market sectors, overall I am remarkably in line with Rambus’ work. This is particularly true with the metals and commodity markets. In fact, when I mention that the market delivered a level of clarity this week, I must note that this was chiefly identified by Rambus himself through his world class analysis of the PM charts. Knights this level of analysis is available no where else on the planet. Understand this.

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