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Friday, July 07, 2017

Poland Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz: says his government is on the same page as Trump when it comes to being attacked by “liberals, postcommunists, lefties and genderists.”

In Paris, Berlin, and Brussels, Trump’s challenge to Russia and defense of NATO will be welcomed, but his rhetoric on the dangers of immigration and big government will likely be seen as the latest example of the American President trying to sow populist division in Europe. The current Polish government is anti-immigration [anti-Islamofascist-refugee, not anti-immigration… see what they did there?], skeptical of climate change, and pro-coal.

For Poland, a stronger European Union means greater pressure from Brussels, which they distrust and regard as overreaching. Poland has been under harsh criticism for its anti-democratic practices. Earlier this year, the E.U. Commissioner for Justice threatened to cut the organization’s funding to Poland if it failed to uphold fundamental European values. (Poland is the E.U.’s largest recipient of funds.) Poland, in turn, has claimed that the E.U. is run by “German diktat.”
Even Polish opposition members who are harshly critical of the country’s current government admit that Poland regards Germany “as a potential security threat.”

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