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Monday, July 24, 2017

Repeat After Me: The Firm Fusion GPS Hired By Clinton Campaign To Dig Up Dirt On Trump Created A Fake Dossier That Was Actually Used Against Trump Without Validity!

This has all gone too far, and it is abusive to anyone with a brain to continue on with this narrative.  I just read an article stating the Fusion GPS co-founder will not testify to Senate Intelligence Committee.   Why not?  Could it be, because it is the dossier that Comey and the rest of the Trump haters have actually used during their campaign to oust Trump?

Could it also have anything to do with the following?
  1. Christopher Steele the employee who put the dossier together has gone underground.
  2. A man involved with Steele at that time was found dead in his car.
  3. A  Russian banker who was named in the dossier has sued BuzzFeed for defamation, alleging the website published information it knew was false.
  4. Actually, if I remember correctly there was talk at that time that the forum 4chan actually created the false report as a joke.
  5. Or could it even be the dossier was used, in part, as a basis to obtain an FBI warrant to surveil former Trump aide Carter Page, and intelligence officials briefed Trump on its contents just days before he was inaugurated in January?
  6. It could even be the Democrats on the House Intelligence (you have to laugh at the word “Intelligence” being used here.) relied heavily on the dossier when questioning then FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers,  
  7. Dang, fellow Americans, this has to be a joke.  We have taken a fake document and used it to a level of such seriousness that the President of the United States, his son, and his son-in-law are  being questioned about something that if Hillary Clinton and her family were exposed to would produce such criminal charges that it would be grounds for an indictment.  Am I getting this right?
Get this:  Soon after, Buzzfeed published the full dossier it wasn’t used much as a political ammunition as it became more clear most of the claims were not or would never be validated….basically to put it mildly….it could considered to be a slander piece against President Trump, and, oh, did it work…it still is!
I think I will go back online to see if I can find the article from Buzzfeed that started the whole thing, but my guess is it has been removed.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it had been archived?

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