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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Fun Fact: Hillary Clinton Was Under At Least 4 Different Federal Investigations During The Last 2 Years

Dailycaller reports:

The State Department’s inspector general last year subpoenaed the Clinton Foundation for documents related to work that required approval from the Hillary Clinton State Department, making it now at least four investigations involving the Democratic presidential candidate being conducted by federal agencies.

According to The Washington Post, the State Department inspector general’s subpoena, which was filed in the fall, also sought records related to longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s concurrent employment in 2012 with the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, and Teneo Holdings, a Clinton-connected consulting firm.
Clinton’s critics have asserted that the overlap between the State Department, her family’s foundation, and Teneo during her tenure created potential conflicts of interest. The book “Clinton Cash,” which was released last year, laid out numerous examples of the Clinton Foundation’s wealthy donors gaining special access to Clinton’s State Department. Other examples have emerged from the release of Clinton’s State Department emails.

The newly revealed IG probe is in addition to the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s private email server. That probe began last summer after the Intelligence Community’s inspector general discovered “top secret” emails among Clinton’s records. It also comes on top of the State Department’s investigation of Clinton’s emails. And as Fox News reported last month, the FBI also opened an investigation last year into whether the State Department provided special access and agency contracts to Clinton Foundation donors.
Several congressional committees are also conducting investigations on matters related to Clinton’s email arrangement. The Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee are conducting investigations of their own. The House Science, Space and Technology Committee has also opened an investigation into the companies that provided technology services to maintain Clinton’s email server.

According to The Post, IG investigators subpoenaed the Clinton Foundation last fall for “documents about the charity’s projects that may have required approval from the federal government during Hillary Clinton’s term as secretary of state.”

The subpoena also sought records related to Abedin, who held the title of “special government employee” at the State Department for the last half of 2012.
State’s IG previously investigated Abedin and determined last year that she was overpaid $10,000 on sick leave and maternity leave claims.

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