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Thursday, July 27, 2017

June US durable goods orders +6.5% vs +3.7% expected

  • Prior was -0.8%
  • Ex transport +0.2% vs +0.4% expected
  • Prior ex transport +0.3% (revised to +0.6%)
  • Capital goods orders non-defense ex air -0.1% vs +0.3% expected
  • Prior capital goods orders non-defense ex air +0.2% (revised to +0.7%)
  • Capital goods shipments non-defense ex air +0.2% vs +0.3% expected
Looks like a big skew in aircraft orders after the Paris air show. Core orders are on the soft side but that's balanced out by an upward revision to the May data. On net, the numbers are close to expectations or a bit on the positive side.

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